24-7 Staffing Limited – Case Study

ISO Quality Services Limited are pleased to announce that 24-7 Staffing Limited, based in Chippenham, Wiltshire, have successfully been recertificated to ISO 9001 following our recent audit.

24-7 Staffing Limited are a recruitment company founded in 2004, specialising in four main sectors: driving, industrial, commercial and healthcare.  They originally implemented the ISO 9001 Quality Management System back in 2007 in order to help grow their business and, 11 years later, it is still adding value to their business.  Compliance Manager, Jo Weir, comments: “we needed a firm platform on which to build and the right management systems in place to enable quality in growth from the onset”.

“Providing a quality service was important to us but we didn’t know the best way to put management systems in place so rather than waste time, we reached out to experts in Quality Assurance”.

After carrying out an initial assessment, ISO Quality Services recommend areas of improvement.  These findings were used to compile documentation and implement compulsory procedures in line with 24-7 Staffing’s current business procedures.  24-7 Staffing successfully met all the requirements and were therefore granted certification, the whole process taking under eight weeks.

But how did this process impact on the company internally? Jo goes on to comment “the impact internally is subtle but valuable as it has become the way we operate and our staff just accept that it’s the way we do business”.

Jo’s advice to other companies? “if you are truly looking to make quality an integral part of how you do business, then ISO 9001 will bring your organisation high standards and processes that help grow your business”.

In terms of how 24-7 Staffing found ISO Quality Services Jo said that ISO were “very helpful in guiding us at the implementation stages.  The audits became a useful tool in continuous improvement and the assessor is more of a consultant, who you can bounce ideas off and ask for advice from before making improvements”.

So, congratulations to 24-7 Staffing on their recertification.