How can I save money with ISO 14001?

8 Aug, 2017

Have you thought about how implementing the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard could help save your business money? Here we outline some of the savings to be made.

There’s no doubt about it that being more environmentally conscious is the right thing to do.  In this day and age all business should be looking at reducing their negative impact on the environment.

But that entails spending money and it does not necessarily keep the Finance Director happy when considering whether to implement ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard.  Quite naturally when considering implementing any quality standard, the first question many businesses ask is “How much will it cost”? But have you thought about how implementing the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard could help save your business money?  Here we outline some of the savings to be made.

The key thing about ISO 14001 is that it will help you to identify where your possible environmental costs may be, be it energy, paper, water consumption or others.  Identifying where your money is going is a crucial part of the process that looks at reduction of those costs.

Secondly, ISO 14001 will help you control your spend using the reduce, reuse and recycle approach to make tangible costs reductions as well as having the potential to reduce taxes and liability insurances.

Having an environmental policy in place can also help reduce potential environmental incidents which can then reduce regulatory fines, clean-up costs and potential damages or compensation to customer or suppliers.

Further savings can be made when you appreciate that making any changes or improvements within your business will be done more swiftly with an environmental policy in place.  Staff will be encouraged and motivated to find better ways for your business to reduce its impact on the environment.  Due to increased staff engagement, changes will be implemented with as little business downtime as possible thus saving you money.

This increased employee engagement brings with it a further costs saving benefit; reduced staff turnover.   Every employer knows that the costs associated with hiring and training new staff is vast.  The more staff that you can retain (employee engagement being a great way to do this) the better for staff morale and your bank balance.

And finally have you considered that having ISO 14001 may help you to gain more customers and thus increase your revenue? With more and more businesses becoming environmentally savvy they are looking to deal with businesses that are equally as environmentally conscious.  By achieving the ISO 14001 Environmental Management standard you can prove your environmental commitment to customers, suppliers, the local community and potential investors.  This in turn will improve your position in the market place against your less environmentally conscious competitors.

So in a nutshell, ISO 14001 helps you to save money by identifying, controlling and reducing your environmental costs, speeding up improvement implementation,  increasing staff engagement, reducing staff turnover and improving your position in the market place.  With benefits like these, what are you waiting for?

But don’t take our word for it.  Read here about why our clients implement ISO 14001

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