Could your business benefit from an apprenticeship scheme?

18 Sep, 2014

In this article you will find the practical advantages of implementing an apprenticeship scheme along with the financial incentives that are available. Additionally, you can read what implementing an apprenticeship scheme has meant for ISO Quality Services Ltd.


In recent times there has been a lot of publicity surrounding the fact that going to university is not the only way to build a career, while promoting the benefits of starting an apprenticeship. Becoming an apprentice can offer many opportunities for young people, including the ability to earn, learn and gain recognised qualifications.

From an employer point of view, launching an apprenticeship scheme can have many benefits. These can include:

  1. Introducing young, motivated apprentices can help boost morale and promote a learning culture.apprenticeships
  2. Apprentices can bring new ideas, ways of doing things and technology based on their training, 80% of employers agree that apprentices have made their businesses more productive.
  3. While starting their working life with a business, they are more likely to embrace the culture within the business and have a higher level of commitment.
  4. Implementing an apprenticeship scheme can attract a higher calibre of staff.
  5. 88% of employers believe that the implementation of an apprenticeship scheme boosted both the motivation and satisfaction of their overall workforce.

What some businesses may not be aware of however, are the many financial incentives that are offered by the government. This can take the form of assistance with the paying of an apprentice salary but also with their training costs. It is also important to point out that this is not exclusive to people in their teens.

Key general aQuestion Markpprentice information

  • The minimum wage is £2.68 for apprentices under 19 or 19 or over who are in the first year of apprenticeship. (Rising to £2.73 from 1st Oct 2014)
  • For 16-18 year olds, the employer pays their salary, while the government pays 100% of training costs.
  • Government pays 50% of the training costs for 19-24 year olds.
  • For apprentices over the age of 24, the Government pays a contribution towards the training costs.
  • First time apprentice grant. The National Apprenticeship Service. Businesses can claim £1,500 when they hire their first apprentice.

Additionally, it is also worth enquiring with your local authorities to see if they offer additional incentives. Many local authorities are keen to boost both the levels of employment as well as the quality of the workforce.

Therefore they rightly see the next generation as the perfect opportunity to do just that. The kind of incentives available can be illustrated by taking the example of Worcester County Council.

Incentives available for Worcestershire businesses

  • Worcester business centralHigher Apprenticeship Fund. Until December 2014, businesses can apply for funding of up to £3,000 towards recruiting using the new Higher Apprenticeships. There is a maximum of TWO grants available per business and must be in the following sectors:
    • Manufacturing,
    • Engineering,
    • Cyber Security/ICT and,
    • Research and Development.
  • Worcester City Apprenticeship Grant Scheme. Aimed at small or medium sized Worcester businesses and those who have not recruited an apprentice in the past two years. There is a £500 grant plus training vouchers of up to £400.

_DSC8182_edited-1Here at ISO Quality Services, we feel that it is important to lead by example and as such we currently have 3 apprentices working towards industry recognised qualifications.

Natalie Allison has been with the company for 14 months and has achieved an NVQ Level 2 in Business and Administration with the view to working towards further qualifications.

Meanwhile, Emily Cameron is an invaluable member of our New Business Department and is currently working towards an NVQ in Sales and Marketing.

Last but definitely not least, Mike Williams is our Finance Assistant and is extremely close to completing his AAT level 4, with the view to pursuing chartered accountant status by studying for the ACCA qualifications.

Each apprentice that ISO Quality Services has recruited has brought an even higher level of enthusiasm to the working environment.

Furthermore, their commitment to their respective jobs has been unwavering and they have contributed greatly to the on-going growth and success to our company. With that being said, it is safe to say that we thoroughly recommend any business to give serious consideration to implementing an apprenticeship scheme.

If there are any questions regarding how an apprenticeship scheme works from experience, please contact our Operations Director Jennifer Appleton by phone; 01905 670 303 or by email;

To find out more about implementing an apprenticeship scheme, you can visit The National Apprenticeship Service website

Or for further information regarding incentives for Worcestershire businesses you can visit the Worcestershire Business Central website.

Alternatively, contact Worcester College of Technology to find out how they can facilitate the introduction of an apprenticeship scheme in local companies. Email

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