August Apprentice Blog

24 Aug, 2016

By Kerrie Radburn, Digital Marketing Apprentice

I am now coming into the 10 month mark in my apprenticeship. It has been a roller coaster experience so far, but I am now achieving things that I would have never been able to achieve without deciding on the apprenticeship route.

Of course I miss the school/college holidays in bed watching a bit of Netflix but now I am two months away from achieving my Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship; with so many memories and experiences that I am taking with me on to the next stage.

After leaving Sixth Form college finishing my first year, I was told it would be one of the biggest mistakes of my life and that I “would not get anywhere in life without university qualifications behind me”.

What to do next?

Becoming a sparkly pink princess was top of my list of what I wanted to do next, but deep down (and with deepest regret that I wasn’t becoming a sparkly pink princess) I knew I had to prove those people wrong (being the stubborn, motivated girl I am)!

I dipped my toe into a range of different interviews, from the health sector to working in care before I was asked to come in for an interview with 3AAA. Don’t get me wrong, working a part time job, looking for my next career opportunity, and trying to have a social life was hard but I have never been the one to give up.

The support I received from 3AAA from the first interview to today is definitely the main reason I am in my apprenticeship now. They have supplied me with various job opportunities, ongoing support and friendly chats when it was needed.

My first time entering the ISO QSL office, I was so nervous. Walking through the office to go to speak to Jennifer I was finding it so difficult to spit two words out let alone sell myself and prove I was the person that they were looking for. Luckily, I obviously did do a good job because look at where I am today!

Becoming an apprentice and choosing this path is honestly one of the best decisions I could have made. The support I have received for the team at ISO Quality Services is great and I can’t show my appreciation to the team enough for putting up with my constant talking and questions. I am now a more hard-working, motivated and mature person because of my experience here so far.

What have I done through my apprenticeship that I may not have done without choosing this path?

I have been to numerous networking events; meeting and engaging with other business professionals. I have helped to plan and run our own networking events that many local business professionals have attended. I recently listened to Worcester’s MP Robin Walker give a speech about his view on apprenticeships and a talk on ‘Brexit’.

What about outside of work?

I have just been on a girl’s holiday this year, travelling to Portugal and spending some beautiful time relaxing by the pool. I now have the opportunity to buy my own new car that I have worked for all by myself.

So what would I say to someone looking an apprenticeship?

Go for it! The rise of apprenticeships and the benefits behind them are now being more popular and it something that is being talked about a lot more. The ‘learn and earn’ approach means that you are doing something you enjoy and being paid for it at the same time (win, win situation!)

 I am achieving things that I never thought I would have achieved before; I even book my own doctors’ appointments now instead of my mum doing it!

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