ISO 9001 is designed to support growing businesses as they strive to achieve their objectives. It also helps stop your team from getting distracted, freeing up your team to hit your objectives faster. As part of ISO 9001, we check that your quality objectives align with your business objectives. This is the ideal time to…

We can’t remember the last time we scrolled through social media without there being some kind of message about the environment. We don’t mean targeted ads, we mean contacts posting, sharing, tweeting and Facebooking photos or stats relating to the Earth and our over utilisation of its resources. From Sark Lighthouse now using no more…

Writing awards entries always seems like a good idea until it comes to collating the information needed to back up your claims. All too often, would-be killer stats are jettisoned because it’s too time-consuming to collect the data you need to back up your assertions… but companies who operate to an ISO management standard, such…

When it comes to business continuity, you have to see the bigger picture. Failure to anticipate and plan for a major outage has repercussions not only for your business but for your customers and even to their customers too. As a supplier, you have a duty to ensure that your business continuity plans are realistic…

As a business leader, you’ll recognise that data is both an asset and a risk. IDC estimates that by 2025 the world will create and replicate 163ZetaBytes of data! That’s a tenfold increase on data processed in 2016. With the increase in data volume and complexity, coupled with the potential fines under GDPR when data…

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