An Assessors View: Ronspot Limited Achieve ISO 27001 Certification!

14 Dec, 2020

Ronspot Limited have recently certificated to ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard.  Hear from our Lead Assessor, Kieran Ryan, on how Ronspot accomplished their objective of achieving certification by December.

“I’ve always found it refreshing and energising working alongside startups and SMEs, helping them implement management systems to international standards.  I recently had the pleasure of working with Michael Furey, CEO of Ronspot Limited, with the implementation of their ISO 27001 Information Security management standard.

Ronspot is a tech Startup headquartered in Galway on the west coast of Ireland and has a development team based in Vadodara, India.  Ronspot offer their clients an app-based booking system, which allows companies to reduce real estate costs by enabling staff to pre-book facilities such as office desks, car parking spaces and lockers. These services are particularly appropriate as the working environment has changed drastically. Many companies are more likely to adopt a hybrid blend of remote and office working, or Flexwork, a term coined by Harvard. They are a fast-growing company with 28 clients in the Pharmaceutical, Finance, Medical and Utility Services sectors, including some Fortune 500 companies. With clients spread across 9 countries in Europe. Following some preliminary work, Michael chose to work with ISO Quality Services with the objective of achieving certification by the beginning of December.  A significant undertaking.

We started with an Initial Assessment and many good and best practices were evident.  We identified some areas that required improvement and developed a plan of action to ensure compliance with the ISO 27001 Standard.  Key tasks were then shared between Michael in Ronspot and ISO Quality Services, with tight deadlines.  From the outset, Michael’s commitment, enthusiasm and attention to detail was evident.

After several weeks, we had a follow up meeting to review progress and ensure we were on target to meet our objective of certification in early December.  Several new policies and procedures were documented, and the key process identified. Existing policies were reviewed and updated.  After identifying Ronspot’s Information Assets, Michael analysed and compiled a Risks and Control measure document.  Chrissy and I in ISO Quality Services prepared an Overview Manual along with some Process Flow Diagrams.  These are the key documents used to show how Ronspot comply with the requirements of each of the Clauses of the ISO 27001 standard.

With all the key elements in place, Ronspot achieved certification to the ISO 27001:2013 Information Security management system on 2nd December.  This certification demonstrates to key stakeholders, including their clients and potential clients, that Ronspot takes the management of Information seriously and comply with world recognised standards in this area.

Well done to Michael and all the team at Ronspot for a great achievement”.

Account Manager, Chrissy Bligh adds: “Ronspot have been delightful to work with throughout their ISO implementation. Michael and the team are always communicative and responsive and truly embraced the ISO 27001 management system. I commend them for their achievements and perseverance through what has been such an unpredictable time for businesses. I look forward to seeing them continue to grow”.

Michael Furey, CEO Ronspot comments: “Achieving ISO 27001 certification was one of our key goals at the beginning of 2020. Even with all the disruption and changes of plans that resulted from the pandemic, we never lost sight of the importance of implementing the standard. We were especially careful to choose an implementation partner that suited our needs and quickly settled on ISO Quality Services. We appreciate the help from all the team at ISO QSL, especially given the tight time frames. We could not recommend them highly enough and look forward to continuing relationship into the future.”

Find out how ISO 27001 benefits Ronspot’s clients on their dedicated certification page here.

Separately, Ronspot have been shortlisted in the Tech Startup of the Year category in the National Startup Awards 2020, find out more here.

ISO Quality Services Ltd are proud to specialise in the implementation and certification of the Internationally recognised ISO and BS EN Management Standards.

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