A Positive Outlook

16 Apr, 2021

Find out what positives our Business Development Specialist, Stacey Humm will be taking from the past year…

Hurrah!  The roadmap to the easing of lockdown is going ahead as planned thus far with 12 April 2021 firmly in our sights for going out for a meal, going for a browse around the shops and finally getting a haircut! 

There is no doubt that many aspects of the last year have been awful.  There is no downplaying that and the media have certainly done their bit to reinforce the negative with their updates.  But as we come out of lockdown (again) I’ve started to reflect upon the last year and whether there are any positive aspects that I can take away from it.  Here’s just a few things that I’ve come up with:

  • Having spent more time at home we have learnt to appreciate what we have around us, including each other.
  • We have spent more time together as a nuclear family and certain activities, like family mealtimes are here to stay.
  • We’ve interacted with more of our village than I think we ever would have pre-covid and it’s created a real sense of community spirit that I don’t think existed previously.
  • Running has become more of a habit and I’ve learnt to just get out and do it rather than overthink about whether to go or not.
  • Discovering exercise regimes on Youtube has been a revelation for me.  I’d never join a gym again and it means if the weather is bad and I can’t get out for a run, I’ve got no excuse not to do something active!
  • We’ve learnt more about our house and how we use the space we have which has given us some exciting projects for the future.
  • I love being outside!
  • My children can play really nicely together a lot of the time and if left to it can usually come up with their own activities – I don’t always need to organise them into doing things.
  • I rediscovered my love of reading and have expanded my taste.  Rather than popping the tv on each evening, I’ve enjoyed having three or four evenings when we just read.  My goal is to read a book a month this year – I’ve nearly finished number 8 already.
  • We are naturally quite routine driven as a family but we have able to adapt our routine very quickly when need be.
  • I really, really, really miss my extended family and friends and need to make time to see them more.
  • I love my job, my team and my employers all of whom have worked so hard over the last year and have been so amazingly supportive.
  • Being a full time Mum is not my thing, and that’s ok.  I need the balance of work and home time to keep me sane!
  • It’s ok to admit that I’m struggling – not an easy one but the last year has shown me that it’s ok to say when I’m not quite coping with something.  Hopefully we’ve all learnt that we don’t need to say “I’m fine” when we are far from it.

We have also discussed this as a wider team at ISO Quality Services and here is what the team have said are their positives from the pandemic.

  • Do more things to make me happy;
  • Continue to appreciate the simple things in life;
  • The relationship I have with my loved ones has become stronger, more so than before. I know now who my friends are and who is worth my time;
  • To ensure I enjoy the outdoors and go for walks with my friends, Charlie and I are going to try and walk a marathon.
  • Mine is to spend more quality time with those closest to me and do adventurous stuff outside rather than spending money!
  • To spend more quality time with my daughter, not having to go out and spend lots of money as lockdown has proved you don’t need to spend money to have a great time. Also to keep my exercise up and keep focusing on that.
  • To say no to things that I really don’t want to do as I have appreciated not having to commit to doing things that stress me out and instead do things that I have really enjoyed like going for walks with people I wouldn’t usually.
  • Enjoy quality time on my own.
  • Continue to find regular time for me and not feel ‘mum guilt’ for that.

So as we enter the next phase of easing of restrictions, why not take a few moments to reflect upon whether there are any positive things you are going to take away from the last year?  What habits, activities or mindsets will you be looking to stick with as life moves on?  I look forward to reading your comments if you feel happy to share with me.

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