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BS EN 15038:2006

Translation Services
Management System

What is BS EN 15038:2006

BS EN 15038:2006 is a generic standard:
Generic means that the same standards can be applied “to any organisation, large or small, whatever its product or service in any sector of activity and whether it is a business enterprise, a public administration or a government department.”

Ref: BSI Website 2010

The BS EN 15038:2006 is a European Standard which regulates translation services. It establishes and defines the translator, their technical resources and service quality. Its aim is to define the service a client will receive within a recognised line of procedures which are carried out to best practice, by defining the aspects of:

  • Commissioning of work and translation
  • Proof reading and Review
  • Contractual requirements and Project Management
  • Traceability of the translation process
  • Overall Quality Management

Benefits of BS EN 15038 Certification

The BS EN 15038 standard integrates terminology used in the translation field. By creating a standard structure for translation services it simplifies the interaction between clients and translator in terms of their contractual needs.

Other benefits of certification include:

  • Increased customer base
  • Customer confidence
  • Steady and consistent improvement to service supplied
  • Service excellence from well administered Project Management
  • Heightened morale and motivation
  • Shows an innovative and forward thinking approach to client
  • Greater competitiveness leading to higher profit potential

BS EN 15038 is fully compatible with other Management Standards including ISO 9001, BS OHSAS 18001 and ISO 27001.

How to Become Certified

Once you have contacted us to arrange a meeting, we will follow up with a formal quotation. Once accepted, steps will be taken to ensure your successful Certification.

  • Our Lead Assessor will visit you to conduct an initial assessment / GAP analysis.
  • An action plan will be devised to address any areas of non-conformance to the standard, with timescales agreed with you.
  • ISO Quality Services Ltd then prepares your Manual based on the initial assessment and documentation gathered at that time.
  • Audit Services perform a pre-certification review on the information we have produced, to ensure it meets the EN15038 standard.
  • Presentation of your EN 15038:2006 Certificate and manuals will then take place.

The Certification process takes approximately 6 weeks from initial assessment. Once certified you are provided with on-going telephone/email support. After 6 months, our preferred auditing partner will contact you to arrange your first internal review.

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